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About Us

 Jack’s Gourmet was born out of need. As more and more consumers demand diverse quality kosher products, the idea that one could not easily buy quality deli meats and kosher sausages was unacceptable to the founders of Jack’s Gourmet. At Jack’s Gourmet we believe in kosher food. It is our mission to provide the kosher consumer with authentic handcrafted deli meats and sausages.

Jack’s Gourmet was founded in Brooklyn, New York by individuals who love food and want to share their passion with everyone.  Beginning in a small kitchen, the founders developed and refined the products that today make up the line of offerings by Jack’s Gourmet. Offerings include authentic New York Style corned beef, pastrami and assorted ethnic sausages.

At Jack’s Gourmet we try to minimally process our products and believe that the ingredients used will speak for themselves. We use only quality meats and seasonings and never use artificial ingredients, fillers, by-products or MSG.

With the growing dispersion of kosher eaters across the United States, many consumers have been exposed to the diverse ethnic foods found throughout the country. So as to offer an equal eating experience to everyone, we have developed and will continue to develop a whole range of kosher ethnic products, including Sweet Italian Sausage, Hot Italian Sausage, Mexican Style Chorizo, German Bratwurst and South African Boerewors.

At Jack’s Gourmet we strive for excellence. We will not sell a product until it is the absolute best that we think it can be. We continue daily our mission to provide the kosher consumer with authentic handcrafted deli meats and sausages.

About the founders:

Co-founder and Chef Jack Silberstein lives food. Having begun cooking in his first restaurant kitchen at age thirteen, he brings years of varied experience to Jack’s Gourmet. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Jack has unique and varied work experiences having worked in restaurants, at the food section of the LA Times, as a private chef, food service consultant and cooking instructor. All of these jobs have provided Jack with the knowledge and experience to create and continuously develop new products for Jack’s Gourmet.

Co-founder Dr. Alan Broner loves food. Dr. Broner is a practicing dentist and former professor of dentistry at New York University. Alan has had a lifelong passion for food and Jack’s Gourmet brings to life his dream of being involved in the foodservice industry.

Co-founders of Jacks Gourmet Kosher

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