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New York, NY – Jack’s Gourmet BBQ Pulled Beef Brisket (Jack’s Gourmet, Brooklyn NY) was the winner of the Best in Show product at the annual Kosherfest New Product Competition. The BBQ brisket also won in the Packaged Meats category. Hundreds of products were submitted into the competition, which will also be on display at Kosherfest on November 10-11 at the Meadowlands Center. The prestigious panel of judges included Guest Judge Jamie Geller (Joy of Kosher), Yakov M. Yarmove (NAI/Jewel-Osco), Marty Stein (Tree of Life, KeHE Foods Company), Joel Schoenfeld (Evergreen) and Gitel Leibler (Quality Frozen Foods).
Every once in a while, a product comes along that becomes very much a part of your life, even though you were fine without it before. This is the case with Jack’s Gourmet’s new BBQ Pulled Beef Brisket.
And the award for Best in Show went to Jack’s Gourmet, which produces handcrafted kosher deli meats and sausages, for its new BBQ Pulled Beef Brisket — gluten, nitrite and MSG-free. It comes fully cooked and is, I must say, a pretty impressive way to satisfy a barbecue craving at home.
Rarely can Jews eat sausage on Passover, thanks to all the extra starchy ingredients that usually go into them. But New Yorkers Jack Silberstein and Alan Broner didn’t want to keep giving them up every year, so they opened Jack’s Gourmet. Now you can get sweet or hot and kosher for Passover Italian sausage. Find them all over the U.S. and Canada with their store locator.

Jacks sausage, once you go Jack, you never go back. A truly delicious, and exciting new product
David Kolotkin,
Executive Chef of Prime Grill NY NY.


All the Way with Jack's Gourmet
It almost sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.
“A chef and a dentist meet at a class…”
Instead, the meeting between chef Jack Silberstein and dentist Alan Broner at a cooking class taught by Silberstein, ended up being the beginning of a one of a kind business venture that has taken the kosher food world by storm, as together the two formed Jack’s Gourmet, delighting kosher consumers with authentic hand crafted deli meats and sausages.
5 Minute Party Food
It’s party time!!  Even though Hanukkah is almost over, there is still lots of time to party.  With these cold Wintery nights ahead, it is more fun to invite everyone in rather than go out.  That doesn’t mean you want to spend hours preparing.  Enjoy these recipes for 5 Minute Party Food.
KosherFest 2012: The most surprising Kosher Foods (Photos)
KosherFest 2012, the "world’s largest kosher certified food and beverage trade show for the retail and foodservice industries," which takes place Nov. 13-14 in Secaucus, N.J., has something kosher for everyone. Out of the hundreds of foods from around the world, an elite few of stand out as surprising, even to kosher connoisseurs.
Rumaki: A Showcase for the Best Bacon Substitute
Think about bacon. The fragrance is mesmerizing and it glistens golden brown and crispy. Of all the treif in the universe, this stuff has to be the most unsettling, the most tempting.
Why else would there be so many kosher imitations?
Nothing qualified until recently, when I tried Facon, a new product from Jack’s Gourmet. It has the right balance of meat and fat. It’s salty and pleasantly smoky. It looks and smells like real bacon.
Loyal readers know that our total fave in the world of kosher sausage are those sausages made by Jack’s Gourmet. We LOVE the sweet Italian. Cooking their brats in beer makes us feel so indulgent. Actually there is not a sausage they make that we do not like!
Now comes FACON. What is it? It is kosher bacon made from glatt kosher beef. It is a total winner, a Kosher Nexus Five Fork winner!
Ahh, Bacon....
Many a kosher foodie, ba'al Teshuvah, and the like have longed for its smokey, salty goodness and mourned its absence from the kosher table, sighing every time a recipe insisted on its inclusion. Pine no more friends, a worthy substitute has finally arrived.
We are in heaven! We finally were able to stock up on Jack’s Gourmet Facon. We wanted to buy out the whole supply, but we had a guilty conscience, and only bought three of the five packages they had.
Six Questions: Jack's Gourmet Kosher
Here at CoreCommerce, we have so many amazing online stores that use our shopping cart to grow their business. This week, we caught up with our favorite Kosher meat company, Jack’s Gourmet Kosher.
1)    What was your initial inspiration for starting Jack’s Gourmet Kosher?
Top Dog: Who makes the best kosher hot dog in America?
We allowed this one non-frankfurter in because it has the same basic ingredients as the rest of our dogs (water, salt, beef). Also, it looked yummy. And it did not disappoint — but it is distinctly not a hot dog. It tastes like a moist and meaty pepperoni, with a strong sage flavor. It also had the most satisfying skin of the dogs we ate, with a firm snap to the initial bite and a nice meaty texture throughout.
Kosherfest 2012 Brings Record numbers to Meadolands Expo Center
What will “Joseph” kosher consumer be consuming over the next year?
Try “Facon,” fake bacon-tasting beef fry from award winner Jack’s Gourmet. Standing in line at Jack’s, one’s taste buds “lit up” with the smell of what Jewish kosher law strictly forbids us to eat.
Kosherfest 2012 serves up fake bacon and real innovation
Nothing says Jewish food like a bowl of matzoh ball soup or a slab of pastrami on rye. But will Mediterranean gefilte fish or facon also be on that list one day?
Facon, you ask? As the name implies, it’s fake bacon, and it was just one of the many novelties unleashed on the Jewish culinary scene at Kosherfest, the nation’s largest annual kosher-food trade show, which took place Nov. 13-14
New Product Winners Named For Kosherfest 2012
New York - Winners of the annual New Product Competition and Showcase have already grabbed the Kosherfest spotlight, just days before Kosherfest, the world’s largest kosher food trade show, kicks off at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey. Awardees are selected by a group of kosher retail and food service buyers, kosher food distributors, chefs and industry experts and are prominently displayed in a showcase at Kosherfest..
Kosherfest 2012 - On-site Report From Jewish Humor Central
Kosherfest 2012
Wow! Another year of new kosher food, lots of tasting, so many special guests and a lot of fun.  GKC loved meeting up with old friends from Royal Wines (see the post on the Pacifica Meritage, so good!), Osem, and Jack’s Gourmet.  While still meeting new friends from new companies that wow our taste buds enough to mention
On The Road - Phoenix and New York
I also met Alan Broner from Jack’s Gourmet deli meats and sausages. During the summer, Alan emailed me and asked if he could send me some Jack’s Gourmet sausages to try. I enjoyed tasting the different varieties. But nothing could have prepared me for their newest product, which I got to sample at Kosherfest. It’s called Facon. As in, fake bacon. Only there’s nothing fake about it… it’s made from all kosher beef. I actually like this Facon better than the real thing! It’s lean, smokey, salty, and awesome. I’m super impressed with Jack’s Gourmet, creating a kosher bacon alternative is not an easy task.
Kosherfest 2012
One year ago, I wrote a post about my first experience at Kosherfest 2011. I had started my cooking blog 9 months earlier, didn’t really know anyone in the kosher food industry and was just there to sample all of the new products I could eat before I was too full to move. I paced myself, I wore comfortable shoes, I ate dairy all morning then switched to meat at lunch time and I tried my best to talk about Kitchen Tested as much as possible. While snacking on some Jack’s Gourmet products...
Kosherfest 2012
Having attended Kosherfest in years past, I decide it would be fun to get a booth and join the party. Two years after launching, it is time to research kosher products and see what's new. Eager to fill my "kosher products pantry", we upload the winners of the Kosherfest New Products contest. I'll write more about those later; that said ~ my personal favorite is Jack's Gourmet Facon. Sizzling sample, hot off the grill, had me fooled. Yum-yum!
GRUB STREET NEW YORK:  Kosher (Sausage) for Passover
Sausage, in all its porky goodness, has not generally been part of a Kosher diet — until
now. The Daily News has the story on a pair of Crown Heights entrepreneurs who've rolled out Jack's Gourmet Spicy Southwestern and Beef Kielbasa links — available in ShopRite chains and Kosher grocery stores nationwide — just in time for Passover.
Gourmet, Upscale and Healthy Kosher Products At Kosherfest 2010.
"Jacks Gourmet – On the first day of Kosherfest, the lines waiting to try the most amazing smell of hot dogs at Jacks Gourmet was long. I am so glad that Emily had the chance to visit this booth and report back. She tried the hot dog and declared that, “the flavor was delicious and the scent beyond heavenly”..They also had a variety of different styles from mild to spicy. Even though both Emily and I try to avoid nitrates and so normally skip hotdogs from our repertoire, these just might be our “sometimes food”, especially because they are called sausages not hot dogs."
Jack’s Gourmet Sausage. Don’t fall down. My friends know that I am no sausage eater but WOW! I was impressed. Incredibly flavorful without that overly salty, hyper-smoked taste. These are rich, smooth, and upscale. I would definitely have a fleish eggs, onions and sausage breakfast if these were included.
Noshing The Aisles Of Kosherfest
One of the most consistently crowded booths was a brand-new company — Jack’s Gourmet Kosher, which produces a line of sausages and meats. I sampled the cured bratwurst, which was nicely spiced and a change from the typical kosher offerings. The whole line, which includes chorizo sausage, Italian sausage and pastrami, is certified kosher by the OU and the Va’ad of Flatbush.
Jack’s Gourmet – Part 1
Of the delicious products (new and old) I got to taste at this year’s Kosherfest, Jack’s Gourmet sausages rank among the best. With no fillers, no by-products and no artificial flavors their natural goodness makes them a superb choice for a cold winter eve… or any other occasion.
Jack’s Gourmet – Part 2
What I like about Jack’s Gourmet sausages most, specifically and because of their superb taste, is the many dishes they can be used in. This past Tuesday I made a Sausage Pizza using both their Sweet Italian and the Hot Italian sausages and I used SYR‘s simple recipe.
Jacks Gourmet Sausage - Bratwurst
I saw at the Jewel on Howard in Evanston, IL Jack's Gourmet Sausage - Bratwurst, Chorizo, Boerewors and hot Italian Sausages - tried the Bratwurst - They were excellent! very flavorful nice spiice - a little pricey but excellent packaged sausages
The Best Sweet Italian Kosher Sausage- Ever!
We recently tried a new sausage. Jack’s Gourmet Delicious and Kosher makes a lot of sausage. They have lots of different kinds of sausage. We bought one package each of almost every style they make.
2011 Kosher Product Spotlight
The remarkable evolution of the kosher food industry was apparent at Kosherfest, the two-day trade show connecting kosher food buyers and sellers from around the world. This year there were almost 8,000 people in attendence and over 200 exhibitors. At any point, you could hear a cacophony of Hebrew, Spanish, Yiddish, Chinese, Italian and French. At times, it felt more like a meeting of the U.N. General Assembly than a kosher food show.
Boerewors Sausages
Last night we tried JACK’S GOURMET DELICIOUS AND KOSHER BOEREWORS SAUSAGES. In a word- fantabulous!
You say "Chorizo" I say, "groundbreaking kosher"
During the hustle and bustle of Kosherfest is it easy to get caught up in the crowd and miss something. The narrow aisles are always packed with press, distributors and food enthusiasts and so often times in order to deal with the crowd you move more quickly then you should and end up overlooking something that is truly spectacular.
Scrumptious Sausage - The Real Thing!
Sausage.. What is it? According to Wikipedia “ is a food made from ground meat or meat byproducts and salt, herbs, and spices, often in a casing.” Novels have been focused on it, and there are dark tales that have been told about it (remember Sweeney Todd?), but now, we can finally enjoy it! And, enjoy it we did.
We have told you about the fine products put out by Jack’s Gourmet Delicious and Kosher. Jack’s Sweet Italian Sausage is our all time favorite, but frankly we like Jack’s other flavors as well.

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